Believe in Better

Headline that reads 'Believe in Better' Believe in Better
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Believing in Better is more than a campaign rallying cry.

Believing in Better is a call to move past what we think is impossible, to believing that it can be done, to translating those beliefs into actions. As an At-large City Director, position 9, I will offer a plan that will move the city from believing in a better Little Rock to being amazed by the changes that have made the city an even better place to call home.

Believe in Better

Better Quality of Life

All residents of Little Rock deserve a sense of well-being driven by safe communities, access to quality education, affordable housing and the benefits of a growing job market. Creating a better quality of life for all residents means deliberate forward-thinking. We must build value that attracts new businesses and new residents to Little Rock while ensuring current residents remain an active part of existing neighborhoods.

Believe in Better

Better Neighborhoods

All residents of Little Rock deserve neighborhoods where children can play without the fear of gun violence, neighborhoods that offer nearby commercial and recreational opportunities, and neighborhoods where families trust that their homes and property are safe and secure. We must also promote “intracity tourism” where residents from all over Little Rock have a desire to shop, dine, and play in other parts of our great city.

I believe that better communities can be a reality by connecting people to resources by fully implementing community policing and community schools. Our city must offer access to resources that help families so they can build better communities that are economically self-sufficient and free from violence. Affordable housing and community investment opportunities are needed to jumpstart the development of better communities.

Believe in Better

Better Economic Opportunities

All residents of Little Rock deserve leadership who will ensure that every capital investment and every policy, plan, and vote will lead to job growth, increased wages, better schools, and safe communities in our city. We must make programming such as job training and access to viable public transportation available to supports the needs of all communities. If we believe in the power of small business and its ability to create better economic opportunities for residents, then we must act upon that belief, and invest in and cultivate small business throughout our city.

Believe in Better

Better Recreational Options

All residents of Little Rock deserve access to a thriving city scene where families can enjoy outdoor spaces, restaurants, museums, theaters and festivals. We must increase access to recreational options to make off days more enjoyable. We must move past the notion that our residents must leave Little Rock to “have fun,” and we can do that by encouraging investment into better recreational options throughout our city. I believe that our attractions can enhance our lifestyle and eventually make Little Rock a destination city.