Believe in Better

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Meet Antwan

I’m a Little Rock native who believes in our city’s potential to perpetually “be better.” I have a passion for bringing people together under the mantra that belief is the key to better outcomes in all aspects of life. For Little Rock to be better, I know that we must first believe that the city can be better, and then we can take all actions necessary to create a better Little Rock.

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When we BELIEVE in a better Little Rock, we will take all actions necessary to create better neighborhoods, better economic opportunities, and better recreational options.

Better Quality of Life

All residents of Little Rock deserve a sense of well-being driven by safe communities, access to quality education, affordable housing and the benefits of a growing job market.

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Better Neighborhoods

All residents of Little Rock deserve neighborhoods where children can play without the fear of gun violence, as well as reasonable access to nearby commercial and recreational opportunities.

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Better Economic Opportunities

All residents of Little Rock deserve leadership who will ensure that every capital investment and every policy, plan, and vote will lead to job growth, increased wages, better schools, and safe communities in our city.

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Better Recreational Options

All residents of Little Rock deserve access to a thriving city scene where families can enjoy outdoor spaces, restaurants, museums, theaters, and festivals.

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